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Additional Sites for Financial Information

The following are some of the sites that I have mentioned in class. Try them and see if they are of help to you. Remember anyone can put up a home page and offer it to the world. There is no Internet Editor to review accuracy or truthfulness of statements.

NauticaDataIcon  The Yahoo Finance.

NauticaDataIcon Here are other sites that compete with Yahoo and offer much the same information, but in some cases you might like the format better:

NauticaDataIcon  Standard and Poor's site that offers the latest values for their indexes.

NauticaDataIcon   Standard and Poor's Rating site that offers information about their rating services.

NauticaDataIcon MSCI Barra site is a common source for Beta and other investment data. You will not be able to get most of this data since they charge for it. But there is some discussion and information that may be relevant.

NauticaDataIcon Stock Exchange Links:
      New York Stock Exchange
      American Stock Exchange
      Nasdaq Stock Market
      Chicago Board of Options Exchange

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