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This page contains links to services that are available to you. In particular this section of this web site provides link to both SDSU sources of information and External sources. The Download page can also be reached from from this page.


General Questions
If you have a general question about a business program or classes or whatever. Generally if it deals with your upper division requirements you can go to the Undergraduate Business Advising Center in BAM 448.

If the issue relates to specific department requirement you can go to the Department of Finance in SS 3356. Or department that offers the course

The Web pages for these units can also be reach from the SDSU Links page.

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader
The PDF format is very robust. This software will allow you to view a PDF file, print it or cut and paste from it. This is a very popular format, and many documents are available this way

If you donīt have this plug-in click on the symbol above and obtain this free program..
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