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The new semester is just beginning. Be sure to take a look at the student SDSU organizations that are recruiting new members. Itīs a great opportunity to get involved. The following is list of students organizations. To get information link to the Student Organizations page and choose the kind of organization you are looking for. I have provided links for two organizations that I admit I have a bias towards. But all listed organizations make an excellent contribution and deserve your support.    

     SDSU Business Student Organizations

     Alpha Kappa Psi
     American Marketing Association
     American Production Inventory Cntrl Socy
     Associated Business Sdt Coun
     Association of Info Tech Professionals
     Beta Alpha Psi
     Beta Gamma Sigma
     Delta Sigma Pi
     Entrepreneur Society
     Finance and Investment Society
     Friends of A.I.E.S.E.C.
     Graduate Business Student Association
     Institute of Management Accountants, Sdt Chapter
     International Business Student Assn (East Campus)
     Minority Business Student Assn
     Sigma Iota Epsilon
     Student Accounting Society
     Students for Responsible Business
     Students in Free Enterprise
     World Trade Center of San Diego

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