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Finance 321

Finance 321 Managerial Economics

drillnewbrnLearning Drills
(Beta Test)

This a beta test. Meaning that there may be some bugs. A beta tester's responsibility is to report any suggestions for correction or improvements.

These drills are similar to exam questions except that some of the multiple choice questions may be more ambigous. There are answers available as part of the Drill. This is not a substitute for studying the text and lecture material. This is not a comprehnsive way to cover the material--it is an aid not a replacement for studying. The Drills are being tested as an additonal study step.

The intended study patterns in this class is:

  • Read and study the book
  • Work the end of chapter problems
  • Attend class and study the lecture material
  • Use the Drills
  • Take the Sample Exam
  • Evaluate your mastery of the material


 Drill Availablility

There are three Drills available at this time. If you choose to use these Drills you are acknowledging that you understand that these are made available for testing only and no guarantee is made that these will work, be available or be useful.

Access Requirements

You need to gain access to an internet connection to use Drills. You also need an appropriate password. If you are reading this on-line, with a graphical web browers, then all you need is the password. It was tested with Netscape 4.04. It should work with IE 4.0

Obtaining a Password

To obtain a password and instructions click below.

Password Request Form

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