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Finance 321 Managerial Economics

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Prerequisite: Completion of lower division course requirements in major or minor.

Role of economic analysis in management decisions. Study of demand, cost, supply theories from a business viewpoint.
Emphasis on managerial decision making.


The prerequisite is strictly enforced.

Course Objectives
This course is designe284x190d to provide you with a foundation in Managerial and Business Economics. It will deal mainly with the resource allocation decision(s) that a firm faces. Examples of the type of questions we will address include: How much to produce? What price to charge? How to produce the product? How and whether to substitute one input for another? We will also spend time on forecasting and model building.

The course is composed of four parts. The first part addresses the tools of analysis and optimization. The second part deals with demand analysis and forecasting, The third section will deal with production and cost analysis. And the last section deals with the pricing decision. Upon the completion of this course you should have an understanding of the above four parts and be able to use the concepts and tools in arriving at managerial decisions. A particularly significant point to keep in mind, as you study the material, is the importance of the free market context within which these managerial decisions are made.

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Complete Course Syllabus

You can obtain the complete Syallbus in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) from the following links:

Fall 2004
Syllabus Finance 321

Summer 2004 Syllabus Finance 321

Spring 2004
Syllabus Finance 321

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