Finance 423

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Finance 423
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Finance 423 Financial Analysis and Management

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Prerequisites: Finance 321 and 325. Strongly recommended: Accountancy 326.

Integration of various aspects of finance, application of financial theory. Financial decision making in the firm. Case study.
Prerequisite Policies
The prerequisites are strictly enforced.

Course ObjectivesWorldDollar

This course is designed to provide you with an opportunity to develop your analytical and decision making skills. The class requires you to integrate the various areas of finance into a decision framework. As such it is expected that you will be a very active partner in the educational process. Lectures as a vehicle will be minimal. Instead student presentations, student discussion sessions, and group work will make up the majority of your experience.

The course also requires you to grapple with the difficulty of decision making under conditions of

Complete Course Syllabus

You can obtain the complete Syllabus in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) from the following links:

Day Class Spring 2009 
Night Class Spring 2009

uncertainty. It is expected that you will be faced with ambiguous situations which will require you to make numerous judgments. These situations will require a combination of financial theory and practice. It is unlikely that these assignments will result in clear and unambiguous solutions. You will be required to draw on your previous experiences from a variety of areas in order to successfully complete the class requirements.

A particularly important goal in this class is to obtain an understanding and appreciation of the valuation process in markets, under conditions of risk or uncertainty. The essence of finance, in the final sense, is an understanding of how various decisions influence firm value.

For most of you this class represents the terminal experience in corporate finance (If the phrase terminal experience sounds like you are going to die, don't worry no one has yet—it's just "educationeze" for the last course in a sequence.) and therefore represents a last opportunity to integrate various disciplines.

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