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Case Data Files

The textbook author has supplied a series files that contain the data given in most of the exhibits in the cases. These files are in Lotus wk1 format and should be readable by any spreadsheet since they contain only data. There are also several analysis files. I think it is fair to say that these analysis files are of questionable value.

These files are being made available without warranty as to their usefulness or appropriateness for any purpose.

Case Questions

The textbook author has supplied a series of questions that are supposed to help in directing the solution to the case. These questions may or may not do that. You are free to use these questions in whatever way you wish.  However, simply answering these questions is not sufficient. Your task is solve the case, not answer the questions.

These questions are being made available without warranty as to their usefulness for any purpose .

Financial Data

There may be times when information about other firms and industries may be useful in doing a case. There are a variety of sources, one that we access to is called Research Insight, which install within Excel. You can only obtain data will on campus (it checks the IP address). You can obtain the documentation from the download page.

Another resource that is available is Mergent Online. You can use it from off campus if you go through the Library.Portal.  It will create Excel files also. There are other data sources that you might find useful listed on the Finance Department Web Site

After Downloading:

These files all require a password to open. You can obtain a password from the instructor. See the feedback page.

Once you have downloaded the files put them in a directory and run the "exe" file. You can do this by double clicking on the "exe" file. It will extract into a series of files. There is a readme file.


To obtain these files go to the download page

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