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Finance 425

Finance 425 Business Forecasting

Class Data File
To obtain the data files for the text problems download the file "data425.exe" and then create a directory for the data on your hard drive. After copying the file to this directory double click the file. This will create a series of files named after each chapter of the text for which there is data. I recommend you create a sub-directory (name them using chapter numbers) for each of these, copy the file to it, and then double click the file and it will extract into a series of wk1 files. You should be able to read these into any spreadsheet that you wish, but be sure that you indicate the file extension the program should look for is Lotus 123 (wk1)

Example files
These are some example files for various concepts and problems. The formats are: Quattro Pro: wb3; Lotus: wk3; and Excel: xls.

Turning Point Analysis Example.

Chapter 5 (Files with V in the name are in Forecast Pro Vertical format.)


Chapter 6

There are new files added from time to time. Please check the download page.


To obtain these files go to the download page

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