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Beta Test.
Which means these videos appear to work on an IPOD, but all the bugs may not be worked out. They have been tested on a PC with QuickTime and work well as does the free VideoLan (VLC), and Windows Media Player. They should also work on a MAC. Please report any problems. Thank you

These Video PodCasts should work on a Video iPOD. If you click on the link below the file will download to your computer. Be sure to save the file to a directory on your disk, do not open it. Some are as large as 45 Mbytes, with a fast connection (about 13 Mbps, which is what Cox offers in my area) it only takes about 25 seconds, but if you are on a slow connection, dialup in particular, you will probably be better off going to the campus to get it. A USB Flash drive is probably the most effective way to store it. Once you have the file on your computer, if you add it to iTunes (or whatever you are using to upload to your iPod) it should be added to your iPod the next time you connect it.

You should also be able to play these files with Apple QuickTime, VLC or Windows Media PLayer. Once you have downloaded and installed the video player of your choice you should be able to double click the file name and the video should open.

Vido PodCast for: (Right click and choose "Save target as." as the option in the download box)

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